New Year party in Rome, the proposal of the restaurant Emme

An idea for a great New Year’s Eve

You do not know what to do on New Year’s? Restaurant Emme, just across all’Autohotel Rome, has an offer yummy!

That the dinner menu:

  • Sea Entree: Scallops, Seafood salad, pie Potatoes with octopus, smoked salmon
  • Gnocchi in parmesan crust with taleggio shrimp and saffron
  • fish and potatoes in foil: Tuna, salmon, mussels, prawns
  • Dessert: semifreddo Sicilian citrus and limoncello
  • At midnight: Sausage and lentils, and all Italian prosecco

Proposed alternative for meat menu:

  • Italian antipasto of cured meats and cheeses with jams
  • Gnocchi in parmesan crust with white meat sauce and mushrooms
  • Danish sliced beef, tomatoes and olives and capers with roasted potatoes

€ 60 All inclusive (Percorino wine, water, coffee)
After dinner OPEN BAR € 5

Beginning at 20.30; info at 0690120039

And after partying and celebrated properly, rest all’Autohotel!