(art. 13 Legislative Decree n°196/30 June 2003)

With reference to the article n° 13 of Legislative Decree n°196/2003 referred to the personal data handling’s theme included in the Italian Code, the present society as owner of this specific handled data, informs that the personal information, collected during this commercial relationship, will be handled as the up mentioned norm establishes.
The collected data, supplied from you or data bank or public lists, consist of private, commercial, fiscal and banking data and all that kind of information necessary to the aim of the specific handling.

Purpose of handling

The collected data are useful for the purposes established from this specific commercial relationship in order to fulfil satisfaction, commercial and marketing aims through the delivery of promotional and advertising material, referred to products and services related to the specific commercial relationship.

Formalities of handling

The personal data will be handled by paper support and computer software. The data handling follows the least specific security measures in conformity with the provisions of Legislative Decree 30.06.2003 n°196 and of the disciplinary concerning the least security measures (Attachment B of the mentioned Decree). The person or body , designated from the present society in conformity with art. n° 30 of the Decree, has the right to be given access to the handled data.

Communication and disclosure of data

Data handled may be disclosed, with observance to the law and the up mentioned aims, to banks, auditing and service societies, professionals and consultants working in technical, legal, commercial and administrative fields, public and private business to persecute their normative duties. For marketing activities is not required outside transmission of the data.

Rights of relevant person

The relevant person can exercise the rights guaranteed by art. 7 of Legislative Decree n° 196/2003 after request to the owner of data handling, with respect to articles 8/9/10 of the mentioned Decree.

Right of access to the personal data and other rights (art. 7)

  1. The relevant person has the right to have the confirmation about the presence of data regarding him/her, even if not yet registered, and their intelligible transmission.
  2. The relevant person has to be informed about: a) origins of personal data; b) aims and methods of data handling; c) logics of data handling by computer software; d) data of the owner or person in charge and delegates of data handling, pursuant art. 5, paragraph 2; e) subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data are addressed or have taken cognizance of data as legal representative in our Country.
  3. The relevant person has the right to have: a) the updating, correction and, if necessary, the integration of personal data; b) the cancellation, disclosure of data in anonymous shape or the blocking of data handling in case of illicit or incorrect use, including those data not specifically involved in the handling, according to the Legislative Decree 196/2003; c) the proof that the up mentioned operation a) and b) and their content have been transmitted to the person or the body responsible for the data handling, except for cases in which their transmission is not possible or it involves the employing of disproportionate means compared to the right defended.
  4. The relevant person has the right to object, in all or partially: a) to the handling of personal data pertaining him/her even if it concerns the purpose of the collect, for legitimate reasons; b) to the handling of personal data pertaining him/her in perspective of receiving advertising material, direct selling or marketing research and commercials in general.

Owner of the handling

The owner of the data handling is Autohotel Ravenna sas di Giorgio Federico Nitti e c., Ravenna, tel. 0544/502681, fax 0544/460510.

This notice does not exclude the oral transmission of information, as the handling of personal data states.