Cats from all over Italy to Rome for the International Cats Exhibition

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Esposizione Felina Internazionale di RomaExhibition Felina RomaSabato International October 31 and Sunday, November 1, 2015 at Fiera di Roma back the International Exposition! feline exhibition is an event in which the owners of cats enroll their heroes at a beauty contest. To win cats securities are valued by a judge. The cats are compared to the breed standard, defined by the Italian Herd Book of Discipline of Breed Cat of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and those judged closest to the standard is awarded the title.

Esposizione Felina Internazionale di RomaExhibition Felina cat RomaOgni International is assigned to a judge, who shall prepare a written assessment that is delivered to the end of exposure to feline cat owner. Each judge may nominate a cat for the final selection in which all judges examine the finalists and the final awards are allocated through the general vote of the judges. Unlike the dog shows that are often held outdoors, a cat show is always held indoors. For the full schedule and all the details, click here: www.esposizionefelina.it

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