G.R.A. Roma

Autohotel Roma -13 km from the G.R.A.

Are you on a business trip and looking for a dynamic and quick Hotel?

 Rome G.R.A.Autohotel Roma is very close to the G.R.A. the freeway that surrounds the heart of the city.
Ideal for frequent travellers on business thanks to its easy and quick check-in : just register at the reception and you will be given a key card to open your room, turn on the air conditioning and change the temperature to your liking, or to access the bar area of the building.

Autohotel Roma is located 20 minutes from downtown and only 13 km from the GRA, very close to the railway stations of Cesano and Olgiata

  • The free Wifi service in the room lets you connect to the Internet in an easy way.
  • There is a private parking in front of your room so you can unload your luggage in all comfort.
  • Nearby you fill find restaurants, gym and shopping centers

With its motto “easy, fast and above all affordable” … a double room for only 30 euro per person, Autohotel is the best solution for you.
Book now, what are you waiting for?

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