Autohotel is perfect for bikers

The road is not a mere strip of asphalt, but it becomes fertile soil for emotions, for life

Freedom, relaxation and adventure on the road

Autohotel - BMW motoraduno

Autohotel is born from the American experience of the road as a life teacher and has the goal of meeting the needs of dynamism, convenience of those who love to face life on two wheels.

Being a biker does not just mean having a motorcycle, but devoting soul and body to a unique lifestyle.

When your heart beat at the pace with the engine, you know you have to wear your helmet and feed your boots, leaving behind miles of asphalt and sky.

Autohotel is always with you, our facilities cover a wide track in the Italian road network, ideal for rest and rest, from Rome to Venice, returning to Ravenna and vice versa.

Freedom, brotherhood, adventure

They are the ideals that bind motorcyclists, modern centaurs running through the streets, savoring the independence that only an Easy Rider can experience and that Autohotel can satisfy.

We are open 24/7 all year

After a long day of straight, curves and gas you can rest from us whenever you want. Our Fast Check-In and Fast Check-Out service is active 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Maximum life on two wheels

Hands on the handlebars, but when you’re not on the saddle, your bike is safe, park your car in front of your room so you always have it under your eyes.

So much fun and good cooking

In addition to the overnight stay, the Autohotels of Rome, Ravenna and Venice are located in easy to reach areas, close to the fast-paced streets and are adjacent to restaurants and other leisure and entertainment activities:

  • In the same complex of Autohotel Roma there is the Pizzeria Restaurant “7su7” with typical Roman cuisine, the sports center with the Time Out Wellness Club with SPA and weight room. There are soccer fields, beach volley courts, paddle courts and tennis courts
  • In front of Autohotel Venezia, instead, there is the Venexian restaurant, a quaint place that reproduces Venice with its wonders where you can enjoy fish or meat dishes
  • Autohotel Ravenna is adjacent to Cinemacity, a 12-chamber Multiplex but also plenty of restaurants and cafes where you can have fun and spend a wonderful evening. In addition to the pizzeria there is a Bruschetteria, the American Graffiti hamburger, Sushi One, a bowling alley with a game room, a aperitif bar and many other entertainment venues to discover

Local itineraries

Discover the territory in a wide variety of scenery and roads to reach dreamy spots:

  • Rome, “The Eternal City” already the name says it all, is the city with the largest cultural / archaeological heritage in the world
  • Venice, “La Serenissima” is the city of dreams that the whole world envisions us
  • Ravenna, “La Bizzantina” former capital of the Holy Roman Empire rich in wonderful Byzantine mosaics, 12 km from the beach. The Adriatic Riviera is the undisputed Queen of Nightlife

Many opportunities

Free parking

As the real bikers do not even miss a motorbike, park your car in front of your room

So many conventions

Bikers Card, Harley Davidson Club, Italian Motorcycle Federation 10% discount on overnight stays

Dream destinations

Cross Italy from Venice to Rome (or vice versa) passing through Ravenna with the utmost comfort

Network of enthusiasts and motorcycle clubs

Possibility to host groups and motorcycles club rallies. If you want to arrange a motorbike with your club or with your friends, contact us; For groups we have discounted rates

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