Dine over Venice Canal: magical atmosphere of Venice… out of Venice! (next to Autohotel Venezia)

Unbelievable! In Restaurant Venexian da Bepi e Ciano you’ll find out a glimpse of Venice with its fields, small squares, bridges and boats in the water, which has been rebuilt on land, in a huge warehouse!

It looks like a movie set. When you enter, you are surrounded by the magic of Venice and can almost see the actors appear.

The restaurant is crossed by a canal in which 3 bragozzi, typical Venetian boats, are moored. Over the Bragozzi, there are the dining tables. At the end of the hall, the canal is crossed by a bridge, with tables over it, and even on the banks of the canal there are tables. There are also the campi (fields) and campielli (small squares) and the wellheads as well!

The menu ranges from fish to meat, from pizza to sandwiches and snacks.